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Caribbean Catering In East london

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From English to African to Caribbean catering in East London, EH Catering have what it takes to create a magnificent buffet for up to 1000 guests, at a venue of your choice.

Contact us to arrange your catering event, and choose from our wide menu of foods, from an eclectic selection of cuisines, and from all four corners of the culinary world.

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Please make a selection of 10 items for your buffet table.

Prices start from £18 per head for catering alone, and for £25 per head, we can include full decorations and accessories. This will include decorations of the hall, waiters, cutlery, wine glasses, drinking glasses and napkins. We cater to events starting from 150 guests, up to 1000 people. We provide African, English and Caribbean catering in East London, and throughout the London area.

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1. Crisps

2. Peanuts/assorted nuts

3. Prawn crackers

4. Crudité platter and dip

5. Pickles, black and green olives

6. Prawn cocktails

7. Plain cakes

8. Rice bread

9. Ginger beer

10. Fruit punch

11. Alcohol fruit punch

12. Spring rolls and dip

13. Crab claws

14. Fried plantain

15. Beans akara and dip

16. Rice akara and dip

17. Scotch eggs

18. Fish ball

19. Chicken cutlet and dip

20. Meat ball and dip

21. Beef pie

22. Honey ribs

23. Spicy chicken wings

24. BBQ wings

25. Salt fish in batter

26. King prawn in batter

27. Deep fried chicken in batter

28. Deep fried pork balls

29. Shredded smoked chicken

30. Chicken in sweet and chilli sauce

31. Homemade soup served with bread rolls/croutons

32. Fried fish grilled vegetables garnish

33. Dressed salmon

34. Roast beef

35. Pepper chicken

36. Jerk chicken

37. Marinated fried chicken

38. Tandoori masala chicken

39. Flaked chicken in oyster sauce

40. Sweet and sour chicken served with plain rice

41. Sweet and sour pork served with plain rice

42. Boiled rice

43. Steamed mixed vegetables

44. Special seafood stir fried rice

45. Chinese stir fried rice

46. Jollof rice served with chicken, beef stew

47. Wild rice and five beans served with beef stew

48. Beef stroganoff/rice

49. Goat curry yellow rice

50. Chicken curry yellow rice

51. Lamb curry yellow rice

52. Spinach stir fried rice with peppers (vegetable dish)

53. Five beans hot pot (vegetable dish)

54. Macaroni cheese (vegetable dish)

55. Vegetable stir fried (vegetable dish)

56. Lebanese potato (vegetable dish)

57. Vegetable lasagne (vegetable dish)

58. Samosa (vegetable dish)

59. Chow mien (vegetable dish)

60. Chicken chow mien

61. Prawn chow mien

62. Special chow mien

63. Pork chow mien

64. Seafood chow mien

65. Mediterranean pasta (vegetable dish)

66. Sweet and sour mixed vegetables (vegetable dish)

67. Vegetable in black bean sauce (vegetable dish)

68. Rice stick

69. Spaghetti Bolognese

70. Spaghetti carbonara

71. Pasta carbonara

72. Seafood pasta baked

73. Moi-moi

74. Diced lamb in gravy sauce served with potato and seasonal boiled vegetable

75. Egusi soup served with foo-foo

76. Cassava leaves served with plain rice

77. Potato leaves served with plain rice

78. Mixed salad with 3 types of dressing

79. African salad

80. Coleslaw

81. Cold canopies

82. Tuna pasta, sweet corn and pepper salad

83. Greek salad

84. Grated carrot salad

85. Raw vegetable in soy sauce and oyster sauce

86. Seafood mixed salad

87. Sweet corn and pepper salad

88. Potato and spring onion salad

89. Cheese salami ham plate

90. Avocado salad (guacamole)

91. Pepper soup cooked with cow foot, pigs' feet, oxtail and tripe

92. Vegetable soup

93. Fish pepper soup

94. Honey-glazed roast pork leg

95. Beans stew (with palm oil or oil)

96. Sweet potato

97. Fish stew (with palm oil or oil)

98. Saltfish stew

99. Home-made fruit salad

100. Trifle

101. Assorted gateau

102. Freshly slices platter (4 types of fruit)

103. Farm house cheese board/biscuits

104. Couscous

105. Crain crain served with foo-foo 

Oil being drizzled on salad


Jerk Chicken


Spring Rolls


Buffet table with salad




Mac and Cheese


Fruit table


Sticky chicken wings

For items numbered 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 61, 64, 74, 75, 76, 77, 81, 89, 91, 98 and 105 you are only allowed to choose two of these items.

Please note there will be added cost of £150 to £300 depending on the hall size, if we have to clean the hall and replace furniture.

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Contact us if you have any questions

We are flexible and capable caterers with vast experience in serving a huge variety of meals and snacks, for events large and small. If you would like to include something not on our menu, or need to arrange something a little bit different, contact us, and we can have a chat about your requirements, how we can help you, and the best way to proceed. As specialists in English, African and Caribbean catering in East London, we are happy to consult with you to help you make your event perfect in every way.

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