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Are you hosting an event that needs quality catering?

Whether you are organising a birthday party or a business conference, great food can make all the difference! EH Catering are here to help. We provide catering in Hackney and across London.

We can offer a huge menu of diverse food, from the UK, Africa and the Caribbean, allowing your guests to taste the familiar and the exotic, all in one event. Contact us to talk directly about your upcoming catering occasion.

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Bring quality catering to your event

EH Catering is run by a caterer with great experience, having worked in the Grosvenor House Hotel. With 40 years in supervising and organising catering events, you and your guests are guaranteed a superbly prepared and presented choice of food, whether they prefer English, African or Caribbean cuisine. You can arrange event catering in Hackney or anywhere in London, for between 150 to 1000 people, with our capable team.

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Types of food you can have with EH Catering

Our menu encompasses English, European, Asian, African, Indian, Caribbean cuisine, and more!

African cuisine

We can prepare and serve many African specialities, from moi-moi to jollof rice, bean akara, and egusi soup, you can host the African catering event you have always wanted here with EH Catering.

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English cuisine

Scotch eggs, roast beef, honey ribs, or trifle: we can do it all. With choices to suit all tastes, as well as vegetarian options, your guests will be delighted, and well fed throughout your event.

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Caribbean cuisine

With so many Caribbean specialities, including jerk chicken, salt fish, pepper soup, and goat curry, your catering event can make a great impression for all your guests and friends.

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Chinese cuisine

If you or your guests are arranging Chinese catering, our menu includes many chow mien, stir fry, and rice dishes, authentic and delicious, created to appeal to both Chinese and non-Chinese guests alike.

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Mediterranean cuisine

With our event catering in Hackney, we have delicious European fare available for your guests to sample, including lasagne, Lebanese potato, Mediterranean pasta, and more.

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Creating a beautiful buffet for many events

At EH Scott Catering, you can have a buffet indoors or outdoors, for between 150-1000 guests. Not only do we provide the food, but we also decorate the venue, and provide waiters, crockery, cutlery, drinking glasses and napkins. We will replenish popular items of food on the buffet table, and make sure the venue and the kitchen is fully cleaned after the occasion. If you are looking for catering in Hackney, or anywhere in the London area, contact EH Catering, with your requirements, and we shall be back in touch.

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Types of catering events we cover:

This list is not exhaustive. We cater to many diverse celebrations, family events, or business functions, and can provide a superb buffet with a huge choice of cuisine, or a mix or styles if you and your guests prefer.


Event Catering in Hackney

We are specialists in catering in Hackney, serving across London.

Call or email us today to create your perfect catering event with us:

hello@ehscottcateringservices.co.uk or call / text 07984 422814.

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