Caribbean cuisine

The culinary culture of the Caribbean has a number of diverse roots, with West African cuisine, Cajun cooking, South American, and European influences, creating a fusion of food culture that is unique to the area. Each island has its own characteristic dishes, depending on the spices, herbs, and livestock available, and the local tastes that have developed over the centuries.




Jerk chicken

This famous and traditional dish is universal now across the West Indies, and is one of the most flavourful and exciting dishes out there. The chicken is marinated in scotch bonnet chilli, and a range of other spices to give a hot, fruity and wholesome smoky flavour to the chicken. Scotch bonnets are not a spice to be taken lightly, and the secret is to be sparing with their use so the fruity flavour of the chilli comes through, while still providing a hearty punch to the dish. We usually serve jerk chicken with rice and peas, to offset the strong taste of the spices.



Goat curry

This dish was originally brought to the Caribbean via Indian immigrants, and quickly became a national staple of Jamaica, where goats are a common livestock. People who enjoy curry will find it tastes similar to some lamb curries, with a leaner, tenderer texture, and a stronger ‘gamey' taste. Generally, goat curry is medium to mild in hotness, with a rich and spicy undertone, often served with fried plantain or sometimes roti.




Served with ackee, this is the Jamaican national dish, and this is one of our most popular menu items. Our Caribbean catering events offer people a great chance to sample this delicacy for the first time, with our saltfish stew, and saltfish in batter, as menu options with our catering package. It is usually prepared with salted codfish, and with scotch bonnet chilli to taste, and can be served alongside breadfruit, dumplings, or plain rice.


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