Diverse dishes from a vast continent

At EH Catering, we provide quality African catering in Central London, and can serve these exclusively, or combine these dishes with traditional English or Caribbean fare, giving guests an opportunity to try African cuisine for the first time, and expand their culinary horizons. With such a vast area and selection of cuisine styles, we have selected a few iconic dishes to talk about and introduce in our catering events.





Jollof rice

This is a popular dish across West Africa, with each nation having its own distinct recipe, provoking debate about which one is the best. We prepare our jollof rice with tomatoes, onions, red pepper, and spices, and of course, we believe it is the finest jollof rice you will ever taste!




This is a bean pudding, created from black-eyed beans, soaked and blended with seasoning and stock. Moi-moi can be created in a variety of different ways, with meat, fish, or eggs and arranged into a pyramid or cube shape, depending on the mold used. It comes with a range of garnishes and seasonings, and is eaten either as a breakfast or supper, depending on the circumstance.



Egusi soup

A rich, spicy, versatile dish, egusi soup can include meat or seafood, depending on the geography and livestock available. It takes its name from the melon seeds integral to the dish, which thicken the consistency, and allow the soup to be prepared with many different ingredients. We also add chilli, onion, and other spices to taste, and serve it with traditional foofoo, a perfect companion to the rich, saucy egusi. 


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Bringing African catering to Hackney

The staff at EH Catering have been creating and serving a wide range of African dishes for years, delighting guests and clients alike with both the familiar and exotic. If there are any African dishes you would like to see at your catering event, give us a call, and we will see what we can do.

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